In 2011, OYPRA commenced an online survey of Australian providers of outdoor programs, in which staff who worked on existing programs were asked to reflect on their current practice. The study set out to establish, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of the scope and diversity of outdoor youth programs on offer in Australia.

The report, OYPRA National Survey of Australian Outdoor Youth Programs, provides a summary of selected results and findings from the National Survey of Australian Outdoor Youth Programs.


  • over 380 outdoor program providers and leaders have completed the survey
  • outdoor programs from every state and territory in Australia are represented
  • providers typically deliver approximately 50 outdoor programs per year
  • most outdoor programs run for between 3 and 5 days
  • typically up to 40 young people aged between 10 and 16 years take part in these programs
  • personal development and social development are cited as the most important goals
  • most programs share a common set of core characteristics related to Challenge, Activity, Nature, Guided experience, and the Social milieu
  • providers report that most participants experience a number of benefits
  • informal and anecdotal evidence forms the basis of much understanding of participant benefits

Read the summary report for more details on these and other findings.