Who is the Outdoor Youth Programs Research Alliance?

The Outdoor Youth Programs Research Alliance (OYPRA) is an Australian group looking at documenting the benefits of outdoor programs for young people. The team includes representatives from the outdoor industry, researchers, state governments, and non-profit community organisations.

What is OYPRA Doing?

OYPRA has developed a program of research to establish Australian evidence of the benefits of outdoor and nature-based programs for young people. Ultimately we would like to identify effective ways of promoting resilience, learning and wellbeing among young people though outdoor programs. In our current study, we are surveying Australian providers of outdoor programs.

Why Should I do the Survey?

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.

We are hoping to find out about what programs are being offered in Australia and who they are being provided to. This is the first time a study of this size has ever been done in Australia, and your expertise and knowledge will be of tremendous help.